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PO Box 56
Chassell, MI 49916

Entrance: Mid-July 2023
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Member Access to Club Driveway, Ranges, and Club House
  • The club driveway is open to vehicular traffic.

  • The lock on the entry gate is set to the combination provided to members for the 2023-24 membership year.

  • For access to the clubhouse restroom, the lock on the north clubhouse door is set to the combination of the gate lock.

  • The lock on the membership clay thrower is set to the combination used on the gate lock.

  • For range closures due to club-sponsored activities, check the list of Upcoming Events below.

  • The club's ranges may be soggy.

  • Unless the Rifle Range Access Road is completely firm and dry its whole length, no motor-powered vehicles of any type are to be used on it. (The access road is the two-track located on the east edge of the range.)

Upcoming Events
  • 30 September 2023, Saturday
    Beginning Trapping Workshop 10 AM - 3 PM
    Age limits. Class size limited. Pre-registration required. More information is on Events Page.

  • 4 November 2023, Saturday
    Deer Rifle Sight-in Day 11 AM - 3 PM
    Open to the Public. No Fees. Free Lunch! More information is on Events Page. >Notice: The shotgun range will be closed for the duration of the event.

  • See Calendar page (menu at left page margin) for more future events

Regularly Scheduled Events
  • Five-Stand Shotgun Shooting - Suspended
    The twice-weekly 5-stand sessions have been suspended for the fall hunting seasons and the almost interminable winter snow season. Check the Events Page for further information.

  • Practical Pistol Shooting (IDPA)
    The summer weekly practice sessions of IDPA shooting are scheduled for Tuesdays at 6:30 PM. See the Events Page for more information.
    - - -
    >Notice: Either the pistol pit or the rifle range will be closed for the duration of the sessions.

  • Dynamic Carbine Shooting
    The summer weekly sessions of carbine shooting are now scheduled for Fridays for 6-7 PM. See the Events Page for more information.
    - - -
    >Notice: Either the pistol pit or the rifle range will be closed for the duration of the sessions.

PLSC Announcements
  • April 30 - Important Memo from the Board of Directors
    All PLSC members were sent a memo on April 30. It announced the July increase in dues (below). It also explained reasons for the increae and described in detail plans and priorities of needed club projects.
      Current and prospective members who have not received the memo should contact the PLSC Secretary to obtain a copy.(Club contact information)

  • Increase in Membership Dues - July 1, 2023
    On April 30, 2023, the Board of Directors sent out a memo notifying all members of an upcoming dues increase. Beginning July 1, dues will be:
      • Regular Annual Membership: $100
      • Student Annual Membership: $50
      • Senior Annual Membership: $50
      • Life Membership: $1500
    Before July 1 current and new members may pay at the current rates. The Annual Dues Discount Incentive for work performed at the club will continue.
    Contact the PLSC Secretary with questions.(Club contact information)

  • April 30 - PLSC Member Information & Rules have been revised again
    All members must read and become familiar with the new version of the Member Information Range Rules document. Particularly note changes highlighted in yellow and blue:
    • Guest policy
    • Indemnity requirement
    • Public event policy
    • Prohibited ammunition types
    • Range safety control
    The complete, revised rules are now posted on the Members' Rules & Info web page.

  • Steel Targets for 22 LR
    [img:22steel] For 22 rimfire shooters, steel plinking targets are in place in front of the 50-yard berm on the rifle range.

    Please use ONLY 22 Rimfire ammo when shooting at these targets!

  • Membership
    If you are not a member of the PLSC and wish to join, see the Membership Page. If you were a member last year (May 2022 thru April 2023) and did not receive information about renewing your membership, you should contact the club Secretary. (Club contact information)

  • Range Familiarization & Safety Sessions
    New applicants for membership must attend a Range Familiarization & Safety Session. All club members (annual, student, life, senior) must attend a Session at least once every three years. A membership card and gate lock combination will be issued only after timely completion of a session.
      Range Familiarization & Safety Sessions may be shown on the list above of Upcoming Events, and on the Club Calendar. If you cannot attend a scheduled session, convenient times can usually be arranged by contacting the Club Secretary. (Club contact information)

  • Aerial Views of Club Ranges
    On April 26 PLSC member Atrayou Silverly
    made some aerial images of the shooting
    ranges on the club grounds. You can look
    at these in the PLSC photo gallery (Link).
    Enlarged views are especially admirable.

    [img:pistol pit]
  • Club Photo Gallery
    The website now includes a photo gallery of club activities and interests. It may be accessed with the "Gallery" link on the menu. If you have a set of photos of club activities or suggestions for additions and improvements, please contact website maintenance (Club contact information)

  • Portage Lake Sportsmen's Club on Facebook
    A Facebook page has now been set up for the club. Here's a link to the page: PLSC on Facebook.  Please contact the Club Secretary with suggestions and constructive comments. (Club contact information)

National Rifle Association:
  • Read NRA Daily Notices (link)

  • Read the NRA Club Connection magazine (link)

  • Join the NRA at a discount through PLSC
        [img:joinNRA]  LINK

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